4 Mobile Phone Features That Have Changed Over the Years


Martin Cooper, a Senior Engineer at Motorola, made the first call from a mobile phone. However, mobile phones were first available commercially ten years after Martin Cooper made that call.

Initially, you could just make calls and receive calls on a mobile phone. Later, other features were included and now smartphones have become part of everyday life.

It is impossible to think of your life without a mobile phone. Throughout the years, mobile phone manufacturers have come up with better features to make the device more convenient and useful. Here are some of the features of mobile phones that have changed.


Previously, you could only store some phone numbers on the mobile phone. Slowing the memory started expanding and people could download content and play games. Now mobile phones have enough memory to store pictures and songs.

The MicroSD cards were introduced which provided more space. Modern mobile phones allow you to store videos, apps, photos, songs, and other content.

Internet Connection

In the past, the only way we could use the internet was through a computer. Today we can access the internet using our mobile phones. There are Wi-Fi and Hotspot features that allow you to browse the internet easily with your mobile phone.

You can download songs, videos, and playonline casino play games using the mobile phone.


The first model of the phone had a monochrome screen. Then came the coloured screen, but the resolution was poor. Slowly, the newer versions of mobile phones worked on the graphics and modern smartphones have outstanding quality graphics. You can play video games and watch movies.


Old models of the mobile phone had actual keypads. Blackberry even had the full qwerty keypad. Later, touchscreens came and todaysmartphones don’t have keypads.

Today, smartphones have cameras, videos, and other special features that make it a very useful device. Mobile phone manufacturers are always coming up with new features to attract customers.

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