Phones in our collection

The initial concept for a 'Mobile Phone Museum' was first realised about the year 1999. Since then the bulk of the collection has been donated by the AllCom Group, members of the public and various mobile phone companies over the years. They collected dust away from peering eyes of the public until September 2009 were they were first displayed. Some of the rare older models have been purchased from auctions around the world in anticipation for the museum opening.

Old and new

The phones on display aim to show the contrast between some of todays modern masterpieces of technology and the older groundbreaking models such as the 'Brick', the worlds first ever mobile phone! Which ironically was purchased for the collection in 2008 for £600.00 (GBP) and believe it or not, it is in mint condition and still works perfectly - It sits right next to the iconic Apple iPhone (which has broken). We have the worlds smallest phone, the worlds first phone with bluetooth, the worlds first phone with vibrate function, the mobile phone watch....and many many more!

Donate to the collecton

Donations of old phones are vital to continue the development of the Mobile Phone Museum. Donations are gratefully accepted. However, some phones many not be deemed suitable for the museum, if so, this phones will be forwarded to The Jack and Jill Children’s Charity Foundation who can recycyle your old phone.

How you can help

Phones may be donated to the museum by temporary loan, long term loan, or permanent donation. On receipt of the phones, a form is signed by the donor and also by museum personnel. The Mobile Phone Museum is interested primarily in phones which were released before the year 2000, however, later models may be considered.

Temporary Loan: The phones remains the property of the donor and is loaned to the museum for a short period of time.

Long Term Loan: The phones remain the property of the donor and is loaned to the museum for a long period of time (several months/years typically). If at any time the donor wishes the phones to be returned to them it will be done as quickly as possible.

Permanent Donation: The phones is donated to the museum and becomes the property of the museum.

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